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TITI Catharine

(2018) - Res Iudicata and Interlocutory Decisions under the ICSID Convention: Antinomies over the Power of Tribunals to Review, ICSID Review – Foreign Investment Law Journal, 2018(forthcoming).
(2018) – Investment Arbitration and the Controverted Right of the Arbitrator to Issue a Separate or Dissenting Opinion, The Law and Practice of International Courts and Tribunals 17 (1), Special Issue on The Duties, Rights and Powers of International Arbitrators (eds José Manuel Alvarez Zárate and Katia Fach Gómez), 2018(forthcoming).
(2017) – Non-Adjudicatory State-State Mechanisms in Investment Dispute Prevention and Dispute Settlement: Joint Interpretations, Filters and Focal Points, in Hervé Ascensio, Nitish Monebhurrun and Catharine Titi (eds), International Investment Law, Brazilian Journal of International Law (Revista de Direito Internacional): Special Issue 14 (2),2017.
(2017) - A Stronger Role for the European Parliament in the Design of the EU’s Investment Policy as a  Legitimacy Safeguard, Columbia FDI Perspectives, No. 209, 25 September 2017
(2017) - International Dispute Settlement in Cultural Heritage Law and in the Protection of Foreign Investment: Is Cross-Fertilisation Possible? Journal of International Dispute Settlement 8 (3), 2017, p.535-556.
(2017) - The European Union’s Proposal for an International Investment Court: Significance, Innovations and Challenges Ahead, Transnational Dispute Management 14 (1), 2017 (advance publication on 25 May 2016).
(2016) – Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment, Survival Clauses and Reform of International InvestmentLaw, Journal of International Arbitration 33 (5), 2016, p. 425-440.


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